We offer 6 week sessions of tap and jazz technique classes. These classes do not participate in recital. All skill levels welcome! 2018-19 schedule

 Session A Jazz: August 8th- September 12th

Session B Tap: October 10th- November 12th (no class 10/31)

Session C Jazz: January 9th- February 13th

Session D Tap: March 6th- April 17th

Wednesdays at 8:00PM taught by Danielle Cicogna

The cost for this each 6 week session is $75. No make-up classes are offered for sessions. Register online or in person for this class before the session begins. You may also drop into this class for $15 per class, however a minimum of 6 people must be pre-registered in order for the class session to begin. If the minimum is not met the class will be cancelled. 


For a full list of recital and non recital classes click here.