Olivia Moeck (Acrobatic Instructor/ Strength Coach)

Olivia Moeck has been trained extensively in ballet, tap, jazz, acro, hip-hop, contemporary, and pointe from the beginning years of her life. Her education in dance began at a young age and ended her senior year of high school where she was mentored by Danielle Cicogna. During that time Olivia competed in several competitions and performed for a wide variety of audiences. From high school, Olivia decided to transfer her abilities she learned from dance to cheerleading where she received a scholarship to take part of the team at Grand Canyon University. It is there that Olivia was chosen as a captain to lead her team to several National Competitions and acted as an ambassador for the school in many public appearances and campaigns. You may have seen Olivia on the local news, Billboards, Ticket stubs, or at the nationally recognized basketball games.  This past April, Olivia received her Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science with an Emphasis in Health Education from Grand Canyon University. Today, Olivia shares herself with the community by teaching strength and conditioning classes, private school dance education, and all ages and levels of acrobatics. With a lifetime experience of dance and gymnastics, and a degree in Exercise Wellness Education, Olivia is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping her students reach their goals. We are excited to have Olivia back for her 3rd year!