Recital Information 

Madison Center For The Arts

5601 N 16th St

Phoenix, AZ 85016

Classes In Each Show

Frequently Asked Questions

10:00AM Saturday Morning: Tiny Tot/ Essential Movement/ Company Sapphire Emerald Classes

2:00PM Saturday Afternoon: Petite Level 1 and 2 Classes/ Cheer Skills

6:30PM Saturday Evening: Petite Level 3 Classes/Musical Theatre Classes/ Junior and Senior Classes/ All Boys Class

Friday May31st - Mandatory Dress Rehearsal

Check In Process

Check In/Out Sheet Coming Soon. The two names that are given to the studio prior to the show date will be the only two names that can pick up or check in a student. Every dancer must be signed in and out. Dancers in the junior and senior classes may sign themselves out if prior approval was granted by a parent, and we have the signature of that parent on file.

Please wait until after the finale to check students out. Tiny Tot and Essential Movement students may NOT be checked out at intermission. The backstage area goes on lockdown during the show to unsure safety of all of our children performing.

Check In Colors

When you arrive check in by reporting to your color's table.   

Essential Movements and Tiny Tot Monday-Wednesday Classes- PINK

Essential Movements and Tiny Tot Thursday- Saturday Classes- PURPLE

Petite Level 1 Classes- PINK (based on ballet, if not enrolled in ballet then based on jazz, then hip hop)

Petite Level 2 Classes- PURPLE (based on ballet, if not enrolled in ballet then based on jazz, then hip hop)

Junior Classes- BLUE

Senior Classes- PURPLE

Petite 3 Classes- PINK

Competition Team- BLUE


If your a Tiny Tot and attend multiple classes, check in by the first class you attend. 

Ticket Information

General Tickets go on sale April 2nd at 9:00AM and can be purchased online. To purchase tickets for our 4th annual recital "Living The Dream" the website will be provided soon. There is no limit on the number of tickets you can purchase, however we do anticipate all shows selling out.

Multiple Shows

If you have siblings that are performing in multiple shows, you will be able to purchase 1 half price ticket online for one show. Any individual dancer that is performing in multiple shows will receive 2 complimentary tickets for 1 show. The code is the dancers last name, no caps no spaces, and the word comp. For example: cicognacomp. This code will only work once.

Volunteers and Class Room Moms

Volunteers are needed for class moms, runners, check in and check out tables, to hand out programs, and ushers. There is a mandatory volunteer meeting Saturday May 11th at 10:30 AM at the dance studio for all first time volunteers. Please turn in the volunteer page (coming soon) no later than March 22nd.

Accessory List 

Coming Soon

Recital T-shirts and Diamond Grams

Recital T-shirts are available by for $18.  Each recital T-shirt has our theme “Living The Dream” on the front and every dancer’s name on the back. The dancers will be able to wear their T-shirt in the finale at the end of the show. All sizes are unisex and available in sizes Toddler- Adult XXL. Reserve yours at the front desk today! The shirt is optional, however we will wear them in our finale. A rough draft of our shirt is COMING SOON (Not available for purchase yet)


 Diamond-Grams are available for $1 and will be sent to your dancer at intermission during the show. Send them a ‘job well done’, a ‘break a leg’, or an ‘I love you!’ You get to personalize the note and the dancer gets to wear it in the finale along with their recital T-shirt. Let your children, friends, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. know you’re sending them lots of positivity before they perform. Dancers will wear the Diamond-Grams in the finale around their neck. Every age group is assigned a specific Diamond-Gram color, so make sure you are selecting the appropriate color to ensure its delivery. Remember Every Group has a color, please be sure to choose the correct color to ensure delivery. (Not available for purchase yet)

Shout Out

(Not available for purchase yet) A Shout Out in the recital program is available for purchase. You can purchase a ¼, ½, or full page ad to wish your dancer good luck. Send them a ‘Happy First Recital’ or a ‘Then and Now’ It includes a message, the dancers name, and a photo that you choose in black and white. To purchase a shout out, ask our office manager or email

DVD Orders

(Not available for purchase yet) DVD's can be purchased for $35 at the show or at the studio prior to the show. DVD's are available for purchase now. Order Form Here. If you have dancers in multiple shows, please see the front desk. 


Any dancer in the essential movement and tiny tots classes need minimal makeup. Our suggestion is eyeshadow, blush, and red lipstick or gloss. For dancers in any of our petite, junior, or senior classes, follow the tutorial below. 


Recital Order 

Coming Soon