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Online Registration Process

1) Create an account as a parent/guardian. If you are already enrolled you already have an account. 

2) Sign in and click get started now.

3) Click add student and input dancers information or your information if you are registering yourself.

4) Click register for classes and select the classes you wish to enroll in.

5) Don't forget to choose which season you are registering for. There are several tabs available to choose for example: Summer, Fall 2019, Campus Programs etc

6) Click finish registration now

7) Click pay now. You will be paying the registration fee of $25, and full dance intensive amount if you are registering for summer classes. There is no registration fee for Summer . The breakdown will not be listed, however after payment is submitted, the breakdown will be provided under My Account. 

8) You are now registered! Keep in mind that any class that requires teacher approval will be reviewed after you register, and approval will be given to those that meet the requirements necessary for that class. If you are not approved you will be notified and placed appropriately. Please be aware any student registering for a lyrical class must also be enrolled congruently in ballet and any student registering for contemporary must be congruently enrolled in ballet or jazz. Registration is not complete without a liability form signed on file. Please come in to the studio with your child the first day of class to sign the form or download it from the parent portal. We can't wait to meet you!!

If any questions or concerns arise please email or call 623-582-9858