1) Payment Policy: Payment of tuition is due on the 27th for the following month. For example, December 1st tuition, is due on November 27th. We accept payment via cash, check, ACH transfer or debit/credit card. Tuition is non-refundable. A late charge of $15 will be assessed if payment is not received by 1st of the month. Any student who has a delinquent account past the 5th of the month will not be allowed to participate in classes until tuition is paid. If checks bounce, there is a $30 fee added to your account, and after that we will not be able to accept checks from you in the future.

2) Tuition rates: You agree that your monthly tuition price is calculated on a per hour basis. This tuition will stay the same regardless of some months having more or less classes than others, for school breaks, and if holidays occur. Tuition rates remain the same regardless of 3, 4 or 5 classes in a month. If you enroll in auto pay, pay online through pay pal, or over the phone there is a convenience fee added. In person payments have no fee.

3) Illness and Missed Classes: Our teachers are prepared each class to teach your child, if your child misses you are still required to make a full monthly tuition payment. However, your child will be allowed to do a make-up a class to makeup hours lost because of sickness.  If a student has many absences and it becomes a disruption to the other students they may not be able to participate in recital.  Makeups expire at the end of the session following recital and are only allowed in classes that are not full. Makeups cannot be shared between siblings.

4) Changing or Dropping Classes: A 30-day notice is required should you decide to cancel your student’s enrollment. You are responsible to pay for any fees that have been assumed prior to cancellation of enrollment (tuition, costume fee, clothing etc)

5) Class Observation: Due to student distraction, no parents, family, or friends will be allowed to sit in the classroom during class at anytime. We invite you to watch our live feed of each class located in the lobby.

6) Safety: We are always concerned about the safety of our students. Be aware that we are unable to watch students in front of and on the side of the studio/lobby. It works best for everyone if you drop off and pick up on time. Students may check outside for their ride when class is over, however if you are late your child will be asked to wait in the lobby. This will require you to park and walk into the studio to get them. This is for the safety of our students.  We are not responsible for students who choose to wait outside without permission.

7) Costume Fee: Diamond Dance Works holds a studio recital each year for all students in June. Each enrolled student is required to pay a costume fee of $75 per class by November 12th for the June recital. There are NO refunds for students that decide not to be in the recital after the fee has been paid. If a costume has been ordered for your child and you decide later not to participate in the recital, you still agree to pay for the costume fee in full. To receive your costume ALL TUITION/FEES and ALL COSTUME fees must be paid. After the November 15th deadline the costume fee increases to $85 to account for a rush order.

8) Recital: Dancers that are in different age groups for classes or that have siblings that take classes may end up performing in different shows. This would mean that those attending the shows we need to purchase tickets for each show. Recital DVD’s, T-shirts, shout outs and other items are all optional purchases that are offered.

9) Class Placement: Every student will be placed in a beginning level as a new student.  Students are placed in classes where they can successfully develop their movement skills and technique.

10) Dress Code: Specific genre related dance shoes are required for each class and more specific dress code information is on our website and available at the desk.